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Some thinkings about capoeira

I’ve been thinking a lot about capoeira and what lies underneath what Kibe is teaching. I won’t talk about the specific sequences but rather what I am getting out of them.

First there is some emphasis on speed. I dont feel as though I’ve had much emphasis on this in my training for a while although Parente brings it up regularly in his classes. I’m at a definite disadvantage in the faster games they have here and much less comfortable with it.
Second and probably more important is timing, I don’t think he’s expressly mentioned it (although he could have in one of the parts I didn’t understand), but the concept seems pretty rooted in the sequences we are practicing. The difficulty then becomes being able to translate this into good timing during the game. Any ideas here? I guess the basic thing is just to drill the timing into your subconcious.
Thirdly positioning. This seems to encompass knowing where you and the other player are and also knowing things like a martello has a longer reach than an armada.
Lastly, because kibe is a badass, some interesting movements which are pretty standard for capoeira on the outside but to which he adds some interesting variations. I’ve noticed CM. Papa’s students in particular doing this in the past and its definitely something I need to swipe for my own training. Say you add 2 different details you can use on every technique you know, you’ve just essentially tripled your repertoire. Plus they will each (if they are worthwhile variants) give you a small edge when used in the right place.

One more thing I have noticed unconnected with any particular capoeira teacher is that the more you train the little eurekas that help you learn a skill seem to increase in frequency exponentially. So for at least that aspect training 3 or 4 times a week isn’t 3 or 4 times as good as training once, but 9 or 16 times as good. Damn, I’d committed to resting my feet tonight to make sure I can still walk to go visit CM. Kuata tomorrow but now I really want to train…

Lots to think about. Lots of training to do. Capoeira is awesome and life is good. ❤